Our Last Chance to Save the UK and EU from a HARD BREXIT DISASTER

18 Mar 2019 Campaign Deadline
£5,000.00 Minimum Target
£755.00 Raised So Far
228 Backed This Campaign
UK Government Target Entity
National, United Kingdom Target Audience
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The Situation - December 15th 2018

Following 2.5 yrs of futile political grandstanding the Brexit negotiations have been a complete disaster and we continue to rapidly hurtle towards a catastrophic Hard Brexit. Prime Minister May is behaving like a leach to power and her every action is focused solely on clinging on to No 10. Equally Jeremy Corbyn's focus is to force a general election at all costs in order to become PM and both leaders have proven time and again that they will always put their personal ambitions above the interests of the nation.

Parliament's 'meaningful vote' has been rendered meaningless  in limbo as Mrs May seems inclined to postpone it until the very last minute, despite willfully torturing UK Residents and business with the prevailing uncertainty. There also lies no parliamentary consensus for any of the four Brexit scenarios. If neither Leader blinks we are certain to crash out without a deal in place. 

Whether you support Remain or Leave you can not possibly desire the misery that this nation will endure following an 'off-the'cliff' Brexit!

The citizens of the UK must be allowed to decide their nation's destiny and in the current situation a People's Vote is the sole democratic mechanism that allows for this. The previous referendum result from 2.5 yrs ago can not possibly be used to determine the will of the people today following all that we have learned through the negotiation process and the far greater understanding that we now have about the consequences of Brexit. The 2016 referendum was fought by both sides with primarily absurd forecasts and misinformation. The 2019 Peoples Vote can be campaigned for with the facts and evidence that have since been gained.

Seize this moment to unite and join this campaign to save our nation.


Through the unique concept of CrowdAction we will use the funds contributed to create a powerful media campaign that can reach millions of people rapidly and create sufficient pressure on our Leaders and Parliament to suspend Article 50 until a People's Vote has taken place.

Billboard Campaign:

Outdoor marketing through billboards and bus shelters (please see our planned examples below) across the UK will be our primary advertising medium. By dominating the public domain with our core message we can create an amplified level of CrowdPressure and use the power of public opinion to convince our MP’s in Westminster to allow democracy to prevail with a 2019 Peoples Vote

While the initial billboards will focus on key high profile locations in London and specifically Westminster borough we believe that success at this level will then snowball and garner greater support and raise the level of funding needed for a National scale media campaign that can achieve a successful outcome prior to 29th March.

Minimum Campaign Target: £5000

Medium Type Location Quanitity Cost Duration Impact
Billboard Mainframe Victoria Station, London 1 £5,000 2 weeks 3.5 million

Reach Campaign Target: £25,000

Medium Type Location Quanitity Cost Duration Impact
Billboard Mainframe Victoria Staion, London 1 £5,000 2 weeks 3.5 million
Billboard BT KIOSK Wesminster, London 20 £20,000 2 weeks 5 million

Strategic Media Partner: JCDecaux

Crowd Crusader is proud to partner with JCDecaux (the UK’s largest outdoor advertisement agency) for the creation and execution of all billboard CrowdAction campaigns. As a member of JCDecaux’s ‘nurture programme’ this crowdfunding campaign will not face any billboard creation, setup or operational costs and all funds available will be deployed towards media buying and maximising the reach of the advertisements.

Campaign Objectives

  • Prevent a Hard Brexit Disaster by forcing the Government to suspend article 50 and give the UK a People's Vote to decide our future

Campaign Strategy

Media Campaign

A powerful media campaign will help raise public awareness for this Campaign Issue and create the level of CrowdPressure required in order to achieve the primary objectives. See below the specific mediums selelcted by this CrowdAction Campaign.

Campaign Medium

Online Banner

Reach a wide internet audience using the most cost effective medium through image and text banner marketing on social media platforms and relevant websites.

Billboards Primary

Campaign outdoors by using billboards and advertisement hoardings to reach the Crowd in public areas and while on move.

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