Change EU Immigration Law to Re-Unite the UK and the European Union

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Nothing Is Black & White

We want to get public support for an EU registered petition to force the EU to remove the painful free movement of people law and allow countries to introduce measures whereby the immigration numbers can be responsibly managed. We have an EU petition registered and is already available to sign but we need to reach more people to obtain enough signatures which will force the EU Parliament to positively change.  We want to crowdfund a large billboard poster across 12 western European cities and we need your support today to make this happen.

Campaign in a nutshell

1) The UK’s petition for a 2nd referendum on EU membership has already been refused by the UK Government. It’s not too late to try something new and go to the heart of the referendum issue which is EU immigration rules and the democratic legitimacy of the European Union.

2) Before the UK leaves the European Union we can put to the test the EU’s democratic process by forcing an EU Parliament response to the issue on immigration law.

3) This can be achieved by petitioning not on the UK governments system but directly on the EU’s parliamentary portal. This petition is calling for the EU Government to change immigration law by removing the unmanageable free movement of people principle. European citizens can join the petition too and we encourage their participation to keep Europe together.

4) By Crowdfunding a media campaign we can extend the reach and find more supporters to sign up to this petition. The EU can then prove to the citizens of Europe that it is a democracy by responding to the concerns of the British people and the Europeans across the continent.

5) Upon successfully forcing the EU Parliament to respond we can change the UK’s decision to exit the EU and re-unite the British people and re-unite the European Union.

Sign the petition here to show your support today (link to petition). Any European citizen or European resident is eligible to sign this petition.

The Billboards

Our aim is to crowdfund at least 12 large billboard posters in key cities across Western Europe for 2-4 weeks beginning 1st January 2017. That will give enough time before Theresa May begins the exit discussions. We have pre-selected the sites we want to target and have a variety of poster designs ready. All we need now is your backing to make this happen.  With a minimum of 7,000 Euros we can launch one poster and get underway.  Ideally, we would want to hit a larger audience and hit 12 prominent cities across europe and this can be done with 50,400 euros.  If we all contribute at least £1 we can make this happen very quickly.  If you believe in this campaign please show your support by contributing a small affordable sum of money.

The Issue

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union on the 23rd June 2016 was a historical moment for the British people and has led to a political vacuum at Westminster and a division among the people.

Before it’s too late and while the UK is still a member of the EU we would like to explore a resolution which will hit the middle ground for the leave and remain electorate. We feel at the heart of the issue with the leave electorate was related to immigration and the legitimacy of the EU’s democratic system. If we crowd together and aim a petition directly at the EU we can resolve these issues and re-discuss the UK membership with the European Union.

By signing an EU registered petition and not a UK registered petition we can achieve something more powerful than previous attempts because we are turning the attention to the EU.  The UK is not alone with immigration issues and our fellow European citizens who feel the same about EU immigration rules can join this petition to express their concerns.

It is therefore essential to collect as many signatures to increase the power of the people and force an EU resolution on this topic. By crowdfunding a media campaign we can send this message loud and clear to reach more people and receive their support.

The aim of the petition is twofold. Firstly, we want the EU to openly discuss a change to the immigration rules because the current free movement of people principle is not manageable for the UK. Other wealthy European countries are experiencing the same issues and share the same concerns.

This is a very complicated subject and nothing is black or white. Any change to immigration rules gets categorised as anti-immigration or even an attack on the races. This could not be further from the truth and all the public is calling for is stronger controls to manage immigration responsibly. At the bottom of this campaign page you can find some facts on immigration taken from an independent organisation called

Another widely held argument by the leave campaigners is the actual democratic credibility of the EU. This petition’s second aim will put this argument to the test by forcing an EU Parliament response on this subject and we can watch how they handle this process. The more signatures we have on this petition the stronger and louder our voice will be.

By supporting this crowdfunded media campaign we can unite together and create positive change before the irrevocable Article 50 is triggered.

The Locations

The 12 cities targeted are shown below on the map

10 Points on Immigration – How can the UK manage these numbers?  How can any European country manage immigration at this scale?

1) The current scale of migration to the UK, 330,000 a year, of which roughly half is from the EU, is completely unsustainable.

2) As a result of this mass immigration our population is projected to rise by half a million every year – the equivalent of a city the size of Liverpool – for as long as immigration is permitted on the present scale.

3) England is already twice as crowded as Germany and 3.5 times as crowded as France.

4) The additional population growth makes congestion worse and adds to the pressures on public services. This comes at a time when public spending is being reduced.

5) One in four children born in England and Wales is to a foreign born mother. The rise in the number of births has put pressure on NHS maternity services.

6) It has also led to a shortage of school places. 60% of local authorities will have a shortage of primary school places by 2018.

7) The UK has a serious housing crisis. Mass immigration is the main reason for the additional demand. If it continues at current levels, we will need to build 135,000 new homes a year just to house new migrants and their families. This is 370 per day or one home every four minutes.

8) Population growth on this scale renders integration of newcomers virtually impossible.

9) Three quarters of the public want to see immigration reduced and half of them want it cut by a lot.

10) To stop the rapid rise in the UK’s population size, net migration would have to be reduced to well below 100,000 a year. It is currently at over 300,000.

Source -

Campaign Objectives

  • Crowdfund 12 large billboards across Western European cities
  • Obtain signatures for an EU registered petition to force European Parliament to remove the free movement of people law and give countries flexibility to control immigration responsibly
  • Give the UK a better opportunitiy to re-negotiate its relationship with the EU

Campaign Strategy

Media Campaign

A powerful media campaign will help raise public awareness for this Campaign Issue and create the level of CrowdPressure required in order to achieve the primary objectives. See below the specific mediums selelcted by this CrowdAction Campaign.


A petition will allow this Campaign to gather sufficient support in order to ensure that the Government will formally discuss and debate the key issues as a first step towards legislative change.

Campaign Medium

Billboards Primary

Campaign outdoors by using billboards and advertisement hoardings to reach the Crowd in public areas and while on move.

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