Re-Vote the Qatar Fifa WC 2022

31 May 2016 Campaign Deadline
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Campaign Issue 1 : Qatar is an extremely unsuitable choice as a World Cup host nation

The football world cup is one of the world's biggest and most prestigious sporting events. It is a month long sporting festival enjoyed and cherished by billions of fans across the planet. The award of this honour to Qatar is a disgrace to the sport and its legions of followers.

Having never qualified for the world cup finals Qatar lacks the footballing pedigree required to be deserving of this honour. The persecution of the LGBT community and widespread allegations of labour exploitation and human rights violations makes it an outrageous choice as host nation of such an important global event. While the majority of the world battles to safeguard Human rights, Equality and Socio-Political Freedom it seems unthinkable that the pinnacle of the planet's biggest sport could be hosted by a nation that embraces extremism and is embroiled in controversy.

Campaign Issue 2: Corruption and Scandals at FIFA Illegitimate all recent votes and decisions:

For several years Fifa has faced allegations of corruption, bribery and vote-rigging, yet under Sepp Blatter's reign the Fifa Executive committee seemed untouchable and all attempts at redress were ignored. At long last the opportunity to resolve this situation has arrived. Following an FBI led investigation 14 high ranking Fifa Officials and corporate marketing executives have been indicted by the US Department of Justice and arrested by the Swiss authorities on charges including accepting bribes in excess of $100m!

With a substantial criminal investigation into corruption at FIFA pending it should no longer be possible to uphold the vote which awarded the WC 2022 to Qatar. Fifa must be forced to hold a revote under stringent scrutiny in order to maintain the integrity of the World Cup and rid world football of the shame this scandal has caused.

Global opinion must surely be powerful enough to prevail upon Fifa into proving that past mistakes will not recur and that the World Cup is not for sale!

Why Join CrowdCrusader's CrowdAction Campaign?

Every CrowdAction campaign on the CrowdCrusader platform is based on the concept of masses of individuals Crowding Together to create a powerful united force with vast resources which can influence governments and corporates to create positive change.

This campaign will focus on a CrowdFunded Global Media campaign using primarily internet video marketing supported by localised television and newspaper advertisement. By dominating the public airwaves with our core message we can create an amplified level of CrowdPressure and use the power of public opinion to force Fifa to call for a revote of the 2022 WC and to ensure that the corrupt and sinister practises of recent memory are permanently from the organisation through a vigorous investigation and prosecution of all guilty parties.

It is very important to note that the Western Press has widely embraced all of the above yet Sepp Blatter has continued to thrive and as yet a re-vote has not occurred. His strength lies predominantly in the votes of many African and Asian member nations and the representatives of several countries from these two continents have had bribery charges proven against them. Therefore in addition to focussing efforts on pressuring FIFA this CrowdAction campaign will use the power of a robust internet marketing campaign to create sufficient public awareness and CrowdPressure in African and Asian member nations to get rid of all corrupt Fifa representatives and ensure that new vote delivers a more deserving host and ends the Blatter era with finality.

Campaign Objectives

  • Fifa to hold a Re-Vote of the 2022 World Cup by the end of 2015.
  • Immediate resignation of Sepp Blatter from the post of President and a lifetime ban from any role within FIFA

Campaign Strategy

Media Campaign

A powerful media campaign will help raise public awareness for this Campaign Issue and create the level of CrowdPressure required in order to achieve the primary objectives. See below the specific mediums selelcted by this CrowdAction Campaign.

Campaign Medium

Online Video Primary

Enhance the capability of this Campaign to target the most suitable audience by using the diverse range of interent video marketing strategies.

Online Banner

Reach a wide internet audience using the most cost effective medium through image and text banner marketing on social media platforms and relevant websites.


Advertising in local and national newspapers will help this Campaign publicise its key message across a wide and diverse audience.

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