SAVE our NHS and National Services by Creating an MNC MAT TAX to End Corporate Tax Avoidance

31 Jul 2016 Campaign Deadline
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Campaign Issue 1: Our National Services are Failing

The UK's National Services are failing rapidly! The NHS is in the worst state since its inception 66 yrs ago. 75% of hospitals are in the red and the deficit is on target for £30bn by 2020. This is forcing staff cuts, A&E closures, lengthening patient treatment delays and the privatisation of UK hospitals.

Drastic government spending cuts and reducing budgets are causing a sharp fall in police staff and affecting the ability of the police force to maintain a sufficient level of service at all times. This leaves us vulnerable to a rise in crime and gang violence.

Campaign Issue 2: We are losing billions through Corporate Tax Avoidance Loopholes:

The UK is losing billions of revenue each year through Corporate Tax Avoidance. Multi National Companies use loophole strategies to divert profits to offshore entities, thereby paying negligible taxes on the revenue generated by UK residents. As an example: In 15 years of trading upto 2013 Starbucks has paid just £8.6M tax on £3Bn of UK sales. This is a circa 2% tax rate compared to the 20% - 45% that is being paid by UK residents. Individual consumers are generating vast profits for these corporates yet our country is not benefiting fairly from the tax revenues we deserve.

By stopping the billions of tax revenue being lost through corporate tax avoidance the government can save the NHS and stop the spending cuts that are destroying the Police Force, Fire Service and other National Services.

Solution required:

The solution is a simple MAT TAX (Minimum Alternative TAX). This is essentially a new corporate tax which the Government can apply on UK generated revenue of MNCs before costs are deducted. This will prevent these companies from using offshore tax loopholes to artificially increase costs and reduce their UK profit, thus ensuring that the UK receives the full tax revenue that is owed by these corporations.

The HMRC has often been accused of losing it's nerve and being too mild when dealing with Multi National Corporations. However with the severity of the problems facing the NHS and our National Services we need them and our government to take strong action and put in place the MAT tax legislation which will permanently end corporate tax avoidance.

Why join CrowdCrusader's CrowdAction Campaign?

Every CrowdAction campaign on the CrowdCrusader platform is based on the concept of masses of individuals Crowding Together to create a powerful united force with vast resources which can influence governments and corporates to create positive change.

Core Campaign Strategy

This campaign will focus on a CrowdFunded National Media campaign using TV, Radio and internet advertisements. By dominating the public airwaves with our core message we can create an amplified level of CrowdPressure and use the power of public opinion to force the Government and HMRC to take the steps required to end corporate tax avoidance and rejuvenate our national services.

Campaign Objectives

  • UK Government to create a new MAT TAX (Minimum Alternative Tax) to be applied on the UK revenue of Multi-National Corporations in order to prevent the use of corporate tax loopholes strategies.

Campaign Strategy

Media Campaign

A powerful media campaign will help raise public awareness for this Campaign Issue and create the level of CrowdPressure required in order to achieve the primary objectives. See below the specific mediums selelcted by this CrowdAction Campaign.


A petition will allow this Campaign to gather sufficient support in order to ensure that the Government will formally discuss and debate the key issues as a first step towards legislative change.

Campaign Medium

Online Video

Enhance the capability of this Campaign to target the most suitable audience by using the diverse range of interent video marketing strategies.

TV Primary

Reach people at home for the first time using CrowdFunded TV advertising in order to build large scale public opinion and momentum in favour of this Campaign.


Reaching a suitable audience either at home or on the move will help amplify the CrowdVoice for this Campaign.

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