SHAME on EASY JET: Force the airline to refund passengers immediately

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Help CrowdFund this social media banner campaign to force Easy Jet to refund customers for flights cancelled during the Covid lockdown

All contributions will be used to promote this banner through advertisement and boosting on social Media platforms to build pressure on Eeasy Jet and other airlines to refund customers immediately without the hassle and delays caused by the current claims process.

Campaign Objectives

  • Immediate refunds to passengers with canceled flights rather than forcing people to accept vouchers

Campaign Strategy

Media Campaign

A powerful media campaign will help raise public awareness for this Campaign Issue and create the level of CrowdPressure required in order to achieve the primary objectives. See below the specific mediums selelcted by this CrowdAction Campaign.

Campaign Medium

Online Banner Primary

Reach a wide internet audience using the most cost effective medium through image and text banner marketing on social media platforms and relevant websites.


Campaign outdoors by using billboards and advertisement hoardings to reach the Crowd in public areas and while on move.

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