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CrowdAction is a revolutionary and proven strategy to solve your issues

Welcome to the world's first ever CrowdAction platform to resolve your social issues or defend your consumer rights

By creating your campaign you will feel empowered to tackle the issues which are most personal to you. Having a voice in todays world is fraught with challenges due to financial circumstances and bureaucratic procedures. Even after accomplishing these unfriendly hurdles your message often falls on deaf ears, you feel powerless and your issue remains a living frustration.

Crowd Crusader wants to stimulate an alternative method called CrowdAction. This involves a combination of strategies which you decide is appropriate.  You can choose from media campaigns, legal action, petitions or peaceful protests to force Corporates and Goverments to change.  The Crowd is powerful, wealthy and resourceful when individuals crowd together.  No longer are your issues too big or difficult to tackle, you can strike back and successfully achieve positive change.

How it Works

  1. Campaign Form
    Complete our user friendly campaign form where you describe your issue and choose a strategy which you feel is appropriate. Automatically, we generate a minimum fund raising target to launch your campaign. It's that easy to do!
  2. Share your Campaign
    We give you the tools to share your campaign with friends, family, colleagues and influential people either on your social media platforms or by email. You can reach out to anyone to help your campaign gain awareness but we will also do our part by making your Campaign live on this site as well as on our social media platforms.
  3. Watch the Funds Grow
    Anyone can support you by contributing to your Campaign. With the power of crowdfunding, the financial resources will be available to execute your campaign.
  4. Live Campaign
    We do the rest and launch your campaign on your behalf. Watch the power of CrowdAction speak louder and force Corporates and Goverments to positively change.