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Only with your affordable contribution is CrowdAction possible and creating positive change.

Show your support and donate to a campaign created by someone you know or a campaign which you believe in. The power of crowdfunding means any contribution is never too small.  By crowding financial resources together, campaigns have a real chance of delivering a meaningful message or striking back against guilty Corporates and Governments.  Historically, this has never been possible but today the average person can empower themselves to be heard.

The money raised is spent on professional advertising to raise awareness for a petition, peaceful protest or simply send a strong message to an organisation. Other campaigners require funds to pay for legal professionals to fight their battle in expensive law courts.

At Crowd Crusader you can help individuals speak out and resolve their issues peacefully.


How it Works

  1. Make a contribution
    The Crowdfunding of resources is the very essence of any CrowdAction Campaign. Every contribution of any size helps each Campaign execute its strategies and objectives to achieve positive change. Take the first step in supporting a Campaign my making a contribution today.
  2. Share this Campaign
    The success of CrowdAction relies heavy on the power of word of mouth and each individual can use their personal network to further unite and ignite the Crowd for the Campaign they support. Use our tools to share a Campaign via social media and email. Going viral through social media is the biggest step forward a Campaign make towards success.
  3. Find an influential person
    Boost public awareness of your Campaign by reaching out to suitbaly influential members of the public.
  4. Post a comment
    CrowdFeedback is essential for the ongoing success for every CrowdAction Campaign. Engage by using the Campaign commenting tool to provide advice, guidance and moral support to the Campaign Management Team.